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Both Parents and Players MUST read and sign the NVIAC Code of Conduct forms, and provide them to the Athletic Director, prior to the first NVIAC activity.

NVIAC Code of Conduct

Godly Character Sportsmanship Evaluation Sheet

Word Format (Fill out in Word, then print & sign) PDF Format (Print & sign) Excel 2007/2010 version
NVIAC Code of Conduct (Word)
NVIAC Code of Conduct Image
NVIAC Code of Conduct (PDF)
NVIAC Code of Conduct Image
Godly Character Spreadsheet (2007  version)
Coach Placard: At every game, both coaches are required by the NVIAC Constitution, Article V, Section 2 (link) "Prior to the start of each game, coaches of both teams must together inform the referees of the NVIAC’s code of conduct." Use the placards below to give one copy to each referee before each game. If you have used these coaches before, they should recognize the form and may not need another copy if they already have one, but both coaches still must approach the officials together. This spreadsheet (Excel 97-2003 and 2007) provides a tool for coaches to evaluate their opponents after each game. At the end of the season, the summary scores should provide a help in evaluating the team that showed the best Godly Character. The form has a drop down to choose the opponent and date for every game played. It also shows the total score for every opponent. Save the spreadsheet to your computer and create a separate form for each coach for each season.
NVIAC Code of Conduct (Placard 2 per pg) Excel (97-2003 Version)
5 x 7 NVIAC Placard (Word) 
Code of Conduct Placard
5 x 7 NVIAC Version Placards (PDF)
Code of Conduct Placard
Godly Characater Spreadsheet (97-2003 Version)

NVIAC All League Certificate Templates

NVIAC All League Certificate - Template - Word Format                  NVIAC All League Certificate Template - PDF Format

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