Online Sports Statistics System

Checking for Missing Games -- Help

(Version 1.0 -- February 11, 2023)


At the end of each season, it's important to make sure all of the team's games are reported so that the Seedings are based on a complete listing.
The Check Games page displays all games that have been played by a school/team, separated by Division.
The games are shown in Game Played date for each division, to make it easy to compare to an AD's or Coach's game listing.

Getting to the Check Games page:.

1. You can get to it from the AD-only Members page:
Members page link to Check Games

or from any Standings page, at the bottom where the All Games Played list is:
Check Games from the Standings page

2.You can open the Check Games page from the Standings page, it opens showing ALL teams games. (This is a link that is accessible to anyone, not just AD's. Please let your coaches know so they can use it to check for missing games any time they wish.)

Check Games when opened from Standings Page -- pick your team

If you open the Check Games page from the AD-only Member's page, it opens your teams' games only:

Check Games from Members page shows team's games

The Check Games page is sorted by the Divisions and the Game play date initially, but you can click on any of the headings to sort it any way you want.