Online Sports Statistics System

Online Schedules Submission Subsytem

(Version 1.0 -- September 12, 2019)

Background. The Online Sports Statistics System has been in use for several years, making the recording and publishing of the standings and tournament brackets quick and simple. A requirement to provide schedules each season has prompted the addition of the Online Schedules Submission function. It simplifies the AD's submission of the a team/school schedules and provides a relatively error-free way for the Statistician to update the Member's page with current schedules.

Overview: This system provides the following:

  1. Ability to submit a link to the school/team calendar or schedule page. It will show on the NVIAC Members page without the need to upload schedule files.
  2. Provides a standardized format for schedule submission (team/school, which team (MS Boys Soccer, Varsity Girls Volleyball, etc.), schedule location (URL))
  3. The schedule come into a "Submitted Schedules" browser/database for the Statistician to retrieve, review, edit, if needed, and then submit into the Statistician Schedule URL database.
  4. Because the schedules will be evaluated by the Statistician, you can re-submit any schedule you accidentally submitted with errors.

Schedule Format:

Team/School schedule webpage: Just enter the URL of the team/school website in the Schedule URL field and the type of schedule (All Teams, or specific sports -- Volleyball, Soccer, etc.)
Schedule file (PDF, Word, etc.): Create your team's Schedule and save it in a PDF format to provide to the Statistician for the NVIAC webpage.

Submission Page:

If you use the AD-only Member's page link under your team/school, your Team code will be prepopulated into the form and your logo will show at the top of the form. If you use the generic form by going directly to the Submission Page, then you'll see the NVIAC logo and you'll need to enter your Team Code for each Schedule.

The Submit Team/School Schedules form allows you to enter up to six schedules at the same time, which should accommodate just about any season, even with overlaps. The form has validation if you try to submit without including all of the information.

If you start a second or third or fourth or fifth schedule entry, the form will make sure you enter all of the fields for that schedule before you can submit the form -- it will prompt you if you leave out any of the details on a schedule entry. 

Note that you may not have a website location (URL) for your schedules. If your Team/School does not have a website, then you won't be able to give one. Please email the PDF of the individual schedules to the Statistician (, and the schedules will be hosted on the NVIAC website, with links to those schedules added by the Statistician. Please do enter the name of the PDF schedule you emailed in the Schedule URL* field and send it to the Statistician using this form. Thank you!

Revised Smart Phone Friendly Submit Scores screen

Results Screen -- confirms the schedules submitted.

When you press the Send Info button, you should see the following Scores Submitted results screen.

The results screen should immediately appear when you press the Send Info button on the Submit screen. As noted on this screen, emails to both teams are sent confirming this submission.

Show Results Screen 

When you see this confirmation screen, you can print it to confirm that you submitted the scores, including the date and time.