Online Sports Statistics System

Online Score Submission Subsystem  
(See video training on YouTube.)

(Version July 11, 2023)

Background. The Online Sports Statistics System has been in use for several years, making the recording and publishing of the standings and tournament brackets quick and simple. Until 2012, scores were sent in via email and had to be manually entered into the system. This changed in 2012, when  the Online Score Submission Subsystem was created to address this issue. (Thanks to David Dawdy, CCA, Feb 2012, for his marvelous suggestion.)

Overview: This system:

  1. Provides a standardized format for online game submission (team/division, date, teams, scores, etc.)
  2. Validates scores to minimize badly formed submissions (valid dates, correct teams, valid scores (win/lose), etc.)
  3. Makes it easier to quickly put in any score and automatically send required emails to the Statistician and AD's.
  4. Saves the incoming game scores so the Statistician can review and update, as needed, before approving the scores
  5. Because the scores will be evaluated by the Statistician, you can re-submit any scores submitted with errors. Please make a note in the Comments field that you are resubmitted corrected scores to alert the Statistician.

Submission Page:  Simpler alias:

The form allows you to enter up to six games at the same time, which should accommodate just about any season, even with overlaps. The form has validation if you try to submit without including all of the information.

The current date is automatically entered into the date field for the first game. Make sure you change the date if you are reporting a game on other days. The other games show a placeholder (m/d/yy) to show the format of the game date.

If you start a second or third or fourth or fifth game, the form will make sure you enter all of the fields for that game before you can submit the form -- it will prompt you if you leave out any of the details on a game entry. 

The form knows which teams are playing in each season/division:. When you choose a division, the Win and Lose dropdown boxes are automatically populated with the teams assigned to that division. 

In addition, the form will check to make sure the Winning and Losing teams are different. It will make sure the Winning scores is equal to (for tied scores) or greater than the Losing score.

NOTE: The comment block can be used for multiple purposes. (Enter as many comments as needed. Only the game-relevant comments will show when the Statistician adds the score to the NVIAC Standings page):

  1. Enter comments that pertain to the game, such as "Forfeit," "OT" (overtime), "PK" (penalty kick), Volleyball set scores, etc.
    NOTE: These comments will be edited by the Statistician before the game is submitted. Your original comments will not necessarily be entered into the Standings database.
  2. Red or Yellow Cards. Enter this information with the game information. The Card information will be forwarded to the respective AD's, as well as the NVIAC President (as required by Article VI, Section 3, of the NVIAC Procedure Manual), but will NOT be shown in the Standings.
  3. Also use this to enter explanatory details that will help the statistician (such as "please disregard previous score, this is a corrected score").

Submit Scores screen

Mobile Version
Mobile version Submit Scores screen

Results Screen -- confirms the games submitted.

When you press the Send Info button, you should see the following Scores Submitted results screen. In addition, an email with these results is sent to the NVIAC Statistician and the email address of record (shown on the NVIAC Members page) for the Winning Team and Losing Team of all submitted games.

The results screen should immediately appear when you press the Send Info button on the Submit screen. As noted on this screen, emails to both teams are sent confirming this submission.

Show Results Screen 

When you see this confirmation screen, if you so desire, you can print it to document that you submitted the scores, including the date and time. However, you should see the score on the Standings pages very shortly.

NOTE: If multiple games are submitted, every team AD will get a copy of the submitted scores. If a team is listed multiple times. only one email will be sent to that team's AD.