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Send All League Player Page Help 
See Accessing the All League Player Page from the Members-only Page  below

(Version January 25, 2020)

The NVIAC Procedures manual specifies that each team may nominate All League Players at the end of the season. The Submit All League Players screen, allows the School/Team representative to enter the nomiated players for every Division in which they are playing:

Main Screen - Send All League Player names

The submit All League Player page shows only those Divisions and Teams that have not been submitted. Click on the See Current All League picks link to see what has been entered for your school/team to date.
Choose your school/team from the drop-down list. When you choose, the Divisions will be populated for the every Division in which the selected School/Team participated.

To help get the right number of All League Player picks, the Divisions show the Season Standing (Official Seed) which determins the number of All League Players the AD may pick. The number of All League picks is shown at the end of each Division.

See Article VII of the NVIAC Procedure Manual, to determine how many players you may nominate for the season.

NOTE: If you open the Submit Rosters link from the AD-only Member's page, the Submit Rosters page will be customized for your school/team:

Submit All-League Player -- Customized for Team/School

Enter the players in order in the form.
Use the drop down Division Lists to choose a different Division if you don't see the Division you are seeking.

NOTE: Even if a Division is showing, if there is NO entry for any of the Players, nothing will be recorded.

When you have completed all Divisions nominations, press the Send Info button, you'll receive confirmation of success:

Show the results of the All League Players submission

You may print this page for your records, or simply save the email that is also sent to the School/Team Athletic Director.

Accessing the All League Player Page from the Members-only Page 

The Member's only page provides access to the folllowing:

Scroll to your school/team and click on Show <your teamname> All-League Players to open your team's list of every Division with listed All-League players (or empty entries that need to be submitted:

Choose any year. If you'd like to see other teams, first click Show All Teams and then click on the desired team in the Team column.
To send missing All-League player, click ont he Send All-League Players link to open the Send All-League Players page. If you are viewing a specific team, that team will show in the Send All-League Players page when it opens in a new window.
Feel free to go to prior years and send missing All-League players, as desired.