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Northern Virginia Independent Athletic Conference (NVIAC)

2016 Varsity Girls Volleyball

Team assignments last changed: Thursday, October 27, 2016, 8:36 pm
Remarks/Locations last changed: Monday, October 10, 2016, 3:46 pm
Round 1      
  Game B   
 B 4:15 pm, Tu., 10/25/16  
    @ Christ Chapel Finals
  CCA-3     Godly Character
 Game A      Award
 A 4:15 pm, Mon., 10/24/16 CCA-0   Fairfax Christian School
 @ Christ Chapel        
      Game H  Fairfax Home School
      H 5:30 pm, Th., 10/27/16
  @ nZone
  Semi-Finals   2nd Place
  AFA   Ad Fontes Academy
 Game C     
 C 4:30 pm, Tu., 10/25/16    
    @ nZone    
  HHS Game  
    CCA-23rd Place
 G 4:00 pm, Th., 10/27/16 Game G 
  @ nZoneHHS-2
Tourney Director: Tourney Dates: Wed, 12/31/69-Wed, 12/31/69
Last Day to play: Wed, 12/31/69 Godly Character Vote due Midnight: Wed, 12/31/69
Each team will have one responsibility every game:

The Home team (the HIGHER seed)
* SUPPLY game balls
* SUPPLY a person to keep the official book at the scorer's table

The Visiting team (the LOWER seed)
* SUPPLY a person to manage the clock and scoreboard at the scorer's table.

Game A 4:15 pm, Mon., 10/24/16 @ Christ Chapel
Game B 4:15 pm, Tu., 10/25/16 @ Christ Chapel
Game C 4:30 pm, Tu., 10/25/16 @ nZone
Game G 4:00 pm, Th., 10/27/16 @ nZone
Game H 5:30 pm, Th., 10/27/16 @ nZone