Executive Board

President: Adam Staats ( Virginia Academy)

Vice President: Paul Cameron ( Ad Fontes Academy)

Secretary: Kris Johnson ( Providence Academy)

Treasurer: Janelle Hitt ( Covenant Christian Academy)

Statistician: James Parker ( Fairfax Christian School)


Webmaster: John Dove (email:webmaster@nviac.com)


The NVIAC Member Schools (Governing Body)

Frequently Asked Questions about NVIAC

Brief History of NVIAC

(See a more complete history in Article III of the NVIAC Procedure Manual)
NVIAC is a northern Virginia sports league which was established in the fall of 1997. It continues to the present supporting a myriad of competitive sports at the High School (Varsity and Junior Varsity) and Middle School levels, for both boys and girls.

NVIAC's purpose is to bring glory to Jesus Christ.  The  member schools of the NVIAC, realizing the benefits that occur for our students from uniting in our athletic goals, shall strive to promote and administer athletic competition which will enhance the development of our students and the relationships of the member schools.

Visit the links above to get more detail about our league and see who makes up the NVIAC.