Tips for NVIAC ADs

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This has current reports of all games during the season, and an archive of previous Seasons/games.

Member's Page:
(Note: Please contact to get the private, AD-only page URL) There are AD-specific tools on the AD-only page.

NVIAC Smart Phone app: https//
Use this to get the same website information on your smartphone. You can also send scores, rosters, etc., from you phone.

NVIAC Constitution and Procedure Manual:

NVIAC Forms (Code of Conduct, Roster Template, Christlike Character Sportsmanship Evaluation Sheet, All-League Certificates)
AD's need to understand the forms on this page, and explain them to Coaches, Players, and Parents before each season.

Submitting Scores

(Help for Score Submission page:

NVIAC Constitution: Article V, SECTION 8.  Reporting game results.  The home team must upload the following information to the Statistician within 24 hours of when a league games is played: 1) the date of the game, 2) the winning team and score, 3) the losing team and score, and 4) any clarifying comments.
The automated Score Submission page is on the AD-only Members Page, as well as here:

The comment section should be used to report:
1. Yellow/Red cards given out during a game--Include Player name, Jersey Number and type of card
2. Volleyball: include the sets that make up the game (15-7, 8-15, 21-18, etc.)
3. Forfeit -- if score reported is a forfeit.
4. Correction -- enter this to show that this is a re-submitted score that is hereby corrected.
5. Anything else about the game that you feel is of note.(i.e., Ended early--lightening, Started late, only played 2 quarters, etc.)

Submitting Rosters

(Help for Roster Submission page:

For all AD convenience, you may submit your team rosters to the Statistician and they will show on your entry on the Members page. You may access the Submit Rosters via the link on the AD-only Members Page or here:

If you have rosters on your team/school website, provide the links for each of your teams in the current division.

If you have the rosters in Word or PDF, send them to the Statistician for upload to the NVIAC website.

Ensure each Roster contains: Team name, Coach names, Player names and Player Jersey numbers

a.         Rosters.  Team rosters (typed) should be exchanged before every season and tournament game.
b.         For tournaments, the roster must also be given to the tournament director.
c.         Minimum number of Referees/Umpires shall be two for all Varsity games, unless agreed by participating schools.
d.         Roster will include Team name, Coach names, Player names and Player Jersey numbers.

Submitting All-League Player Lists

(Help for All-League submission:

For AD convenience, you may submit your All-Leagure player lists to the Statistician and they will show on the website for each year. You may access the Submit All Leagure Players via the link on the AD-only Members Page or here:

The advantage of the AD-only Members page link is that it opens with your Team/School already selected.

The All-League players are specific to only the Divisions your team participated each year. For example, 2018 Middle School Boys Soccer

On the AD-only Members page, click on the Show current <your team> All-League Players link to show a list of just your All-League players for your team/school. There is a link on this page that allows you to  Submit <your team> All-League members open the Submit All-League Player web page for <your team>.

Submitting Team/School Information

AD's need to submit information about their Team/School. Please provide any updates after initial submission.
Note: When anything changes about your school (school logo, email addresses, etc.) please provide the new information to the Statistician ( as soon as possible.

The following information is needed:

AD: (for each AD if more than one)
Cell Phone
Home Phone (if different)
Email Address (home, if no work email)
Head shot photo

Team/School Name
Team Logo
Grades served (e.g., K-12, Pre-K-8th, etc.)
Mailing Address
Work Phone
Work Fax (if available)
Team/School game schedule website (if the school schedule on the team website or another website)
Team/School game play locations (if available) (locations for each sport, either the teams own facilities, or regularly rented facilities)
Team/School game scores website (if you have a website where the team records played games/scores) 


League Fees

NVIAC League fees can include:
1. Annual Team/School Fee (currently $150)
2. Tournamnt Fees (Total cost of facility rental, ref and trophy costs, etc., divided among the teams/schools in that specific tournament)
3. Tournament Host Fee. $30 per game is paid to the AD hosting a tournament game in their facility.